Selamat bahagia kasih, menempuh hidup baru…bahagia engkau bersamaNya, bahagia..slamanya…

Kemaren malem, mungkin akan jadi hari yang gak pernah dilupain sama one of my ex housemate..her beloved mom was passed away…

Our prays will accompany her to her last destination…be tough and believe we will always be with u friend….


Many things happened in this week,I had my tests, I had my work, I met a friend and talked about ‘him’ out there and I still have the same feeling I have before..I called some friends in Holland,and it’s a very nice to hear their voices again, remembering all the occasions which were very meaningful for us.

It is a very busy week I have had since my arrival.

We don’t need more money, we dont need greater success or fame, we don’t need the perfect body or even the perfect mate–right now, at this very moment, we have a mind, which is all the basic equipment we need to achieve complete HAPPINESS….

Jumat ini

Hmmmm….hari ini kenapa cape banget yaa?

Generally speaking, once you’re already in a diffucult situation, it isn’t possible to change your attitude simply by adopting a particular thought once or twice. Rather it’s a process of learning, training and getting used to new viewpoints that enables you to deal with the difficulty.

Untuk pertama kalinya gue berada diposisi yg membingungkan tp gue cukup tenang ngadepinnya, hmm..ini proses kedewasaan kali yaa..Amin…mudah2an gue bisa menjadi manusia yg lebih baik….(hihihihihihi…ini isi diary gue dari dulu:D)


You opened the door of my heart and filled it with the pain of love.

Shaken, I ran to seek comfort from others, but they did not respond to my lament.

Alone and desperate, I beg You, do not forsake me now.

Ketemu temen lama itu emang selalu menyenangkan yaa…apalagi dimasa lalu kita punya nasib yang sama en kita sama2 nikmatin masa2 itu…Thanks for today guys…it’s very nice time since we’re finished high school..

And for the guy out there…when will u missed me again?I missed u already..isnt it ‘too much’??? 😀


Ini baru banget,kyknya jadi tempat curhat baru deh buat gue, en gue gak perlu kirim email2 ketemen2 gue utk curhat, tinggal gue kasih alamat ini aja, seluruh dunia langsung tau 😀