Putri Enchanted :D

Hehehe..judul sesuai ama diri…atau apa emang lagi kayak kucing musim kawin yaa…bauuu nya nyebar en memikat…atau godaan sebelom insap..hehehe..what a wondeful life.Gimana menurut lo, Felly’s GF??U missed my story..there’s one other old new story..Will U ask???Perang sms dimulai..hehehe..sweet surrender…

Do not seek trouble and turmoil and bloodshed: say no more concerning the Sun of Tabriz! This [mystery] hath no end: tell of the beginning. Go, relate the conclusion of this tale.

Hehehe..quote-nya nyindir..

This Thursday

Gue mulai hari ini dengan perasaan galau…ciee bahasanya..Tapi bener..mimpi gue berasa nyata tapi aneh..udah bangun2 terus, tapi tetep aja nyambung terus mimpi itu.


Feel the way

Listen to winds passing

through mysterious fields

of wonder and

find fallen stars

Why am I flying…where am I?I need to find the ground..people in my mind please..go away..I need my space..I’m Independent..(at least I try to).

He was gone :'(

Last 22 June..it was his 37th Bday..and also his last time in this earth..I knew him since 2 years ago..not so much memory in my head..but he leaved so muuuch memories in my heart..selamat jalan Mas..


To my very best buddy..Emang yaa,perjalanan gue baru bgt dimulai..inget gak 2 org yg selalu berhasil bikin gue ‘down’ it’s happened again..selama ini gue udah ngurangin tempat curhat gue,tp ternyata lagi2 ‘too much’..Pjlnan gue smakin lama smakin hurt me ya??Apa lg sensitive aja ???I know I can be a nice friend, right?


Apa yang terjadi beberapa hari belakangan ini emang terlihat sangat terburu-buru..Tapi apapun itu selalu ada hikmahnya:D Today I’ve got a great phone call, I’ve got this job:D Thanks GOD, I really appreciate it..

I’ll do my best for my life…of course


I never expect this is happened to you…I just enjoyed what I have right now,dont expect too much from me..I’m independent and somebody else’s gf…:))) I know its sounds stupid, but this is me..

Just be your self and always bright your own life by giving smiles and greetings….MORNING !!!

What’s wrong with me???

GUBRAAAK….untuk yang kesekian kalinya ini terjadi….this’s for real…harus seneng atau enggak…membingungkan…I really enjoyed what I have had but truly..Will it stop?How?When?Do I want it’s stop?Am I deserve it, got many loves from people??I think what DL said about ‘too much’ just happened to me….

Generally speaking, once you’re already in a difficult situation, it isn’t possible to change your attidue simply by adopting a particular thought once or twice. Rather it’s a process of learning, training and getting used to new viewpoints that enables you to deal with the difficulty.


Selamat bahagia kasih, menempuh hidup baru…bahagia engkau bersamaNya, bahagia..slamanya…

Kemaren malem, mungkin akan jadi hari yang gak pernah dilupain sama one of my ex housemate..her beloved mom was passed away…

Our prays will accompany her to her last destination…be tough and believe we will always be with u friend….