New Me

It’s been a year and little bit more, that I am no longer a formal teacher at HighScope Indonesia Bintaro. It was a very difficult decision that I had to make since this path is one of my biggest dreams. I had a very great times to work with children education, my students, parents, and colleagues. I learnt alot not only from the adult but also from the children. I learnt to listen more, children needs and not to forget becoming a right educator. Unfortunately, due my personal reasons, I have to give up my dream (I hope that was not a real goodbye).

I also had a very interesting experiences at my previous work, at Nuffic-Neso Indonesia (former; NEC). I met new people, and assist them to find their dream education, I learnt alot from different background of culture, education and point of view.

These days…

I would say, I am a freelance educator now. I am giving academic tutorial to primary students and environmental education to all students in Indonesia.

Few years ago, being a freelance worker was not a choice for me. I was not feeling financially secure. The less options that I had last year made me take this new adventure, and keep reminding my self that ‘rejeki ada di tangan Tuhan, dan Tuhan tidak pernah salah’.

Of course in the first 3 months I felt less money but happy (honeymoon period), the second 3 months was less money less happy, feeling unproductive (realizing period), after the first semester, I started to accept new moments in my life. Good fortune will come along when you are grateful.

Just never stop learning, your life is your education, you have to learn from it.

Note to my self, I will learn more of my English and finally my Dutch 😉




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