..::B e R h A s i L ::..sEdih or SeNanG???

I was busy with HEF, then I’ve got an sms that I have to finished my thesis as soon as possible, because AGAIN their change the deadline…Ampuuun….I took one day off for doing nothing, 2 days off for completed my thesis, and in about one hour i’ve got 2 reviewers and 2 lectures for my defence. It’s like disaster and luck happened in one time…I was soooooo nervous, confused, and stuck…but you know…as usual I’m survived…22 Dec…26 Dec….just gone….Finally I am not student anymore…What a life…..It’s not only because of my destiny, luck and effort, but this is because I am surrounding by people who really love me, they sent me their love, attention and wishes…I Love You….I dedicated my knowledge for everybody….

7 January 2007
I am 28..hmmm I never dreamed that I am going to be in this age..But now here I am.
It’s like toddler party, all my guests are babies…hihihihihi..it’s fun and once agian I proof it, children can make me stay healthy..Happy Birthday…:))))

8 January 2007
It’s not a really good present for my bday. Why??? Don’t you all people see what he has done for 7 years…why you treated him like a criminal…I’ve grown up with you since 4 years ago we met.Most of my experienced @ work, I’ve got it from you. You are such a tiny man, with big tummy :)) and a very big heart…No one happy with this decision…You’re not deserved this, but I believed I there will be something very nice happen in your life, my pray, wish and love always be with you… Thank you for being my ‘father’ ….


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