New Born Baby

Today I received an sms from my elementry school friend, she’s just give a birth this morning with a lovely and sweet daughter…height 47cm, weight 3.8kg at 06.45 am…If I trust reinkarnasi…is the new born baby, him?? Ok…drop it…you’re getting nuts now 😦 Rima, Dily congratulations ..we’re happy for you. We hope she can be smart, healthy and Allah SWT blessed her always 😡


-A year Ago-

My last blog is exactly a year ago, 14th Oct 2005..while I congrats you in your birthday…it’s suppose to be your 28 years old birthday today…but your’re not here anymore…i am thinking about you alot, even we’re never been together again since almost 20 years…but in my memories, my heart, my mind and my soul….you’re always here. Happy Birthday Mong.,,,,my heart will always wish you peace up stairs with all the stars…and I Miss you