-So SweeT-

I received your mail yesterday…It’s great to recieve it. It’s really a nice en sweet surprise and wedding gift. Thank you for being a very good company for years. You’re lighting up my life since I knew you.

I know we’re apart from the land but like you said wherever you are, I can count on you. So thank you for being there for me.

I Love you too my friend:)))


Sounds Familiar??

Dear U….

Udah setaun lebih suara kita gak saling terdengar, mungkin Mei atau Juni tahun lalu was our last call….paling2 hanya greetings aja via sms2 dan terakhir email2….I just remembered last time we’ve talked you’re upset with me. It’s still mistery for me…why?? Aku banyak kasih janji2 ya??? Atau kekecewaan apa lagi yang aku ciptakan??

Honestly, It’s hard for me to be far from you, but I’ve tried so many times…… (I was really dissapointed to you, I thought you know me very well, you’re really didn’t know what happened to me at that time..I lost my very good friend…I can’t reached her anymore since that time….) I can only waiting and hoping….

And I thought you should know that I never knew whether we’re going to have a future or not…that’s also the reason, why I never called you…but you did too…right??

But still I can keep my promises and I do have the ‘cinta putih’ which I always said to U…It will never dissapear.

You do reached your future by staying far away from my land. Aku lanjutin hidupku dengan cara ini, dan aku tau pasti semua juga terjadi sebaliknya…

Lots of memories we have had…but I will never returned and It will always be here…I do keep my promises Mas…I do…Be Good like always..and be always special to me…Semoga selalu dalam lindungan Allah SWT…bahagia lahir bathin…dan saat aku denger udah jadi ‘seseorang’ yaa..

My Very Big Hug…