I Miss U

A year ago, I called you to wish you happy birthday. Today I also wish you happy birthday but I wishpered. I met some guy really looks like you these days..I dreamed about you several times. I hope you’re really happy up-stairs..A star will accompany you instead of me..rest in Peace

Wednesday, March 24, 2004:
wow…me n her go back a loooooooong way…like since we were babies way ahhahha…ya seblahan gitu rumahnya….cerewwwwwwettttt..cempreeengtapi baik hati…till today hahahaha…kalo misalnya dari dulu rumah kita masih seblahan..dindingnya udah bobol kali yah ahhahhha..jadinya serumah..satu atap hahahahha..im forever grateful for her mom taking mine to the hospital when she was about to have me hahahaahahha…in some technical way me..marisa..astu n her must be related hahahhahaha…kita pernah mandi dan dimandiin bareng gitu ahhahahhahahahha…..much love to you and your family….

He gave this testimony to me..
I missing you Mong…I do