To U….I’ve no idea why it’s sooo hard to solve our problem..No wonder…communication which is the most important thing we should have didn’t worked very well.I did my best,but it’s never sufficient.I’m really confused,I’m bewilder,no way to run.U know I want you, I asked ur favor to find the answer..but u’re not sure to take this responsible..It’s deadlock.

Apa siih maunya???Tegasin dong..ini udah gak nyaman lagi.Udah gak enak dijalanin.If I’m deserve with my own life,plz give me a chance to find it myself.No one is more special in me..U made the situation depends on u.Why dont u try to understand what I feel???????

To Spidy fans….The situation is not the same,when we both had 2 shift,it’s easier for me to handle it,but now everything is change.I’ve try to deal with this, but I’m not sure later u’ll ok or not..what I know,right now,in this very moment,I want U..


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