He came to me with his gf and the next day he didn’t come, the next day he left…and leaved me without any explanation….he made me cried….in my dream…last nite.This mornin’ I read in the newspaper, the situation is complicated out there…So…probably that’s the answer of my dream…I heard he will come back this Wednesday…What should I do??


Too MucH

Keluarga..keluarga…Seharusnya jadi tempat perlindungan yang paling aman,yg seharusnya penuh kasih sayang..bukan kebencian…Seharusnya bisa saling mendengarkan,menghargai,mengerti, memahami,welas asih.Segitu susahnya kah utk saling sayang????Hmmm..I think I can start with my self to give all my love for everybody…I’ll do my best.

Hmmm…yg ini lain lagi..Mengenal diri sendiri ternyata lebih rumit dari pada kita mengenal orang lain. Menyayangi diri sendiri ternyata lebih sulit dari pada menyayangi orang lain. Tapi semua masih berjalan sesuai relnya.Amin.Yang satu terlalu sibuk kerja sampai pada akhirnya gak bisa memenuhi janji2nya utk membangun sesuatu. Yang satu terlalu sibuk mencari jalan yang terbaik, sampai sulit mencari jalan keluar termudah yang bisa didapatnya. Inilah hidup…Inilah manusia…yg sulit jadi mudah, yg mudah jadi sulit..So…which one are you???


I’ve got TRIBAL with head of MARVIN in my back…raised some dissents…But I like it..SORRY..

FreE FaLLinG

I am free..free falling….Aneh siih rasanya,gak pernah kayak gini sebelumnya.To love and be loved…Incy..you know I love you….Emud..you know I want you….

Makasih yaaa, kalian yang terbaik:DMakanya aku gak bisa milih..maaf yaa kalo jalan ini yang dipilih, tp sampai saat ini aku bahagia….Waaah senaaaangnya…


To U….I’ve no idea why it’s sooo hard to solve our problem..No wonder…communication which is the most important thing we should have didn’t worked very well.I did my best,but it’s never sufficient.I’m really confused,I’m bewilder,no way to run.U know I want you, I asked ur favor to find the answer..but u’re not sure to take this responsible..It’s deadlock.

Apa siih maunya???Tegasin dong..ini udah gak nyaman lagi.Udah gak enak dijalanin.If I’m deserve with my own life,plz give me a chance to find it myself.No one is more special in me..U made the situation depends on u.Why dont u try to understand what I feel???????

To Spidy fans….The situation is not the same,when we both had 2 shift,it’s easier for me to handle it,but now everything is change.I’ve try to deal with this, but I’m not sure later u’ll ok or not..what I know,right now,in this very moment,I want U..