Semuanya gak mudah lhoo…ambil keputusan untuk toekomst..antara hati dan logika harus bisa diselaraskan..harus bisa tau mana yg dipentingkan dan mana yg lebih penting. Mudah2an cara yg gue pilih ini bisa jadi jalan yg terbaik buat kita.Makanya gak langsung diputuskan bgitu aja juga.Udah waktunya kita ambil resiko..jadi tau mana yg terbaik buat kita berdua.I still want u,but our situation is out of our range..we did the best but Allah do the rest.It will be our last shoot..we will see what will happen in the future..LOVE YOU..26Julie2004…


Iemand…heeft 2 mata,2 alis, 2 telinga, 2 tangan, dan 2 kaki…tapi kalo punya 2 hati itu bole’ gak siiy???That’s happened to me..and for sure…I’ve no idea this can happen to me,  what I knew…mauuuuu…Chanrakun..for 7 years we’ve tried to be together..maar..de situatie niet precies..Ik ben verliefd met oud nieuw  maan..how come?I did houd van jou..FMH..


What is excatly in my mind??I am with him..and him..The meaning of poetry has no sureness of direction; it is like the sling, it is not under control.Thats like what I feel these days..

Lover whispers to my ear,

“Better to be a prey than a hunter.

Make yourself My fool.

Stop trying to be the sun and become a speck!

Dwell at My door and be homeless.

Don’t pretend to be a candle, be a moth,

so you may taste the savor of Life

and know the power hidden in serving.”

Membingungkan,future or future?It’s a clue from Him or just part of my head not mind and heart…..How could I get the answer??

I’m not in the mood for LOVE..

Sbenernya siih I’m in the mood for love…tapi kok situasinya malah membingungkan yaa???Too much itu skarang kok jadi kata-kata sakral juga..kayak saat ini Too Much love will kill me..hiks hiks hiks hiks..

Putri Enchanted :D

Hehehe..judul sesuai ama diri…atau apa emang lagi kayak kucing musim kawin yaa…bauuu nya nyebar en memikat…atau godaan sebelom insap..hehehe..what a wondeful life.Gimana menurut lo, Felly’s GF??U missed my story..there’s one other old new story..Will U ask???Perang sms dimulai..hehehe..sweet surrender…

Do not seek trouble and turmoil and bloodshed: say no more concerning the Sun of Tabriz! This [mystery] hath no end: tell of the beginning. Go, relate the conclusion of this tale.

Hehehe..quote-nya nyindir..

This Thursday

Gue mulai hari ini dengan perasaan galau…ciee bahasanya..Tapi bener..mimpi gue berasa nyata tapi aneh..udah bangun2 terus, tapi tetep aja nyambung terus mimpi itu.


Feel the way

Listen to winds passing

through mysterious fields

of wonder and

find fallen stars

Why am I flying…where am I?I need to find the ground..people in my mind please..go away..I need my space..I’m Independent..(at least I try to).