I never expect this is happened to you…I just enjoyed what I have right now,dont expect too much from me..I’m independent and somebody else’s gf…:))) I know its sounds stupid, but this is me..

Just be your self and always bright your own life by giving smiles and greetings….MORNING !!!


What’s wrong with me???

GUBRAAAK….untuk yang kesekian kalinya ini terjadi….this’s for real…harus seneng atau enggak…membingungkan…I really enjoyed what I have had but truly..Will it stop?How?When?Do I want it’s stop?Am I deserve it, got many loves from people??I think what DL said about ‘too much’ just happened to me….

Generally speaking, once you’re already in a difficult situation, it isn’t possible to change your attidue simply by adopting a particular thought once or twice. Rather it’s a process of learning, training and getting used to new viewpoints that enables you to deal with the difficulty.